“Beyond the approach and conception of contemporary collections”


VIREBENT is one of the last remaining porcelain manufacturers that still produces its wares in a factory located in France. One of the trademarks of this traditional company is that it works with the three main groups of ceramics, stoneware, earthenware and porcelain, by using essentially 3 techniques: casting, jiggering and pressing.

…a story

This allows Virebent the flexibility to adjust to requests for pieces created for a wide range of uses and to alternate small and medium-size series. We produce traditional white porcelain as well enamelled coloured pieces and decorative patterns. Virebent’s own design studio creates original shapes, patterns and objects, and has a constant input during the various stages of the manufacturing process, from creations to development and modification, to the final finishing touches.

The alchemy of water

The first task is to design a vase, a plate or a complete set of tableware. It is the job of designers such as Yves Mohy or René Berthoux… Several other artists also create designs for Virebent.

Next a model, truly faithful to the original drawing, has to be produced. This model is made from a slug of plaster hand-shaped on a turntable with a trimming tool, then carved with a chisel and a modelling tool. The work has to be meticulous since that model will serve as the base for the making of the first mould.

…earth and fire

Then comes the casting stage : the mould is filled to the brim with the slip, a liquid paste poured from a pitcher. While absorbing the water from the slip, the mould’s plaster allows for an earthy film to materialise on its walls.

After a wait of half-an hour to two hours, the mould is emptied of its residual liquid. The piece is then carefully removed from the mould. A new object now exists.


Virebent 是法国境内最后仅留的几家陶瓷制造商之一。这样传统的公司的陶瓷制作主要由石器、陶器和瓷器三个部分构成,并且专注三种最基本的技术:铸造,拉环成型以及压模。

…a story

这使得 Virebent 不仅可以灵活创作出用途广泛的作品,也能将工艺在不同尺寸的系列中发挥自如。无论传统白瓷还是上色瓷器,Virbent 都坚持高质量的制作,从 Virebent 工作室的设计开始,对于外形,图案以及成品的制造和润色,都经过了无数的修改和尝试,确保每一步都做到精益求精。

National Prize for Artisan Entrepreneurship 2001
(awarded by the Chamber of Artisans and Trades and the Banque Populaire) This prize is awarded to an artisan company, chosen among 2,500 candidates, that has demonstrated a real ability to create jobs, to innovate and to perpetuate and transmit a specific know-how.