smell |smɛl| verb 1 [ with obj. ] perceive or detect the odour or scent of (something):

  • sniff at (something) in order to perceive or detect its odour or scent,
  • (smell something out) detect or discover something by the faculty of smell,
  • detect or suspect (something) by means of instinct or intuition.

2 [ no obj. ] emit an odour or scent of a specified kind:

  • appear in a certain way; be suggestive of something.


Everybody remembers the Smell of home. It instantly brings back the memory and pictures. The Sense of Smell is a powerful tool, that brings back the Visuals, processed and stored in a brain of a person, transformed & combined with a certain moments in life. So strongly connected with the emotions and visual, we use this sense to create experiences.

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