see |siː| verb 1 perceive with the eyes; discern visually:

  • [ with clause ] be or become aware of something from observation or from a written or other visual source,
  • be a spectator of (a film, game, or other entertainment); watch,
  • [ in imperative ] refer to (a specified source) for further information.

2 discern or deduce after reflection or from information; understand:

  • [ with clause ] ascertain after inquiring, considering, or discovering an outcome,
  • [ with obj. and adverbial ] regard in a specified way,
  • view or predict as a possibility; envisage,
  • used to ascertain or express comprehension, agreement, or continued attention, or to emphasize that an earlier prediction was correct.

3 experience or witness (an event or situation):

  • be the time or setting of (something).

4 meet (someone one knows) socially or by chance:

  • consult (a specialist or professional),
  • give an interview or consultation to.

5 [ with obj. and adverbial of direction ] escort or conduct (someone) to a specified place.

6 [ no obj. ] ensure.


The Sense of Sight connects people with space in most natural way. It creates the surrounding, by means of proportions, colours, details, connections between elements we are able to create stories, tell the history, speak in our own visual language. Display in the TASTE reflects the individual taste of collaborators and creates a visual poems.

Introduction: Cobo


Cobo (Zhu Yijun) was born in 1982 in Shanghai, China’s first generation of digital projectors visual arts, he was artistic director of Soul motion graphic studio, often customised for the major activities of visual and performing high-end brands such as Dior, Savatore Ferragamo, Hugo Boss, Puma, Adidas, Reebok and more.

He is a player of visual arts experimenter. He is also a music geek, minimalist standard-bearer. He born in the 1980s, his religion is Taoism. Paranoid introverted personality, founder of visual stimuli. Perfectionism is also a digital fanatics subversive doctrine. He is the COBO.

介绍:  Cobo

Cobo(朱怡俊)1982 年出生于上海,中国第一代接触数字艺术的视觉投影大师,作为 Soul motion graphic studio 艺术总监的他,时常为各大高端品牌活动定制视觉表演,例如 Dior, Savatore Ferragamo, Hugo Boss, Puma, Adidas, Reebok 等。

Cobo Portrait

他是一位视觉玩家,艺术实验者。同时他也是一位音乐怪才,极简主义旗手。他出生于 80 年代,他的宗教信仰为道教。个性隐性偏执,偏头痛的缔造者。完美主义也是颠覆主义的数码狂热分子。他的名字叫 COBO。
Introduction: Karolful
Karolina Szymkiewicz is a freelance illustrator working as ‘Karolful’.

She utilises her advanced drawing skills to come up with creative outcomes appropriate to design brief and relevant to modern media (prints, merchandise products, patterns, books, booklets, album covers etc.).

Originally from Poland (Wroclaw) moved to Scotland to study in 2006. In September 2011 graduated with distinction from a Master’s Illustration course at Edinburgh College of Art. Not long after she moved to Leeds where she is currently based developing her practice; working on commissions and personal projects. In her personal work the subject that she’s inspired by is the human body and movement. This is reflected in the theme of contemporary dance, which she has been exploring in recent years. Since moving to Leeds she’s been collaborating with various dancers from Northern School of Contemporary Dance. She also got recently shortlisted for New Lights Exhibition 2013 and was awarded TIG Prize for most outstanding representational work. Additionally she has experience and strong interest in character design, graphic design, bookbinding and printmaking. Currently Karolful is involved in a creative collaboration with Noo-Studio and TASTE Shop in Shanghai, character design illustrations for fantasy tabletop game “The Chronicles of Ollundra”, working towards an exhibition in GALLERI KIRK in Aalborg, Denmark and illustrating a children’s book with a writer Rebecca Ross.

介绍:  Karolful
Karolina Szymkiewicz 是以 Karolful 为名的自由插画师。

她用高超的绘画技巧和创造力结合不同的要求和媒介完成了许多意想不到的作品,这其中包括印花、书籍、图册以及唱片封面。 2006 年,Karolina 从波兰的弗罗茨瓦夫来到苏格兰留学,并于 2011 年九月在爱丁堡艺术学院获得了硕士学位。在毕业不久,她决定在利兹定居,出于提升自己的目的,她开始接手一些工作并开始了自己的个人项目。


她的个人特色和灵感主要来源于人体和运动,经过几年的摸索以及同利兹的北方现代舞学校的的各种合作之后,终于从 contemporary dance 这个主题上得到了最好的体现。之后,她更是入围了 2013 的 New Lights Exhibition 并获得了 TIG 最杰出作品奖。 除此之外,她更对角色设计、平面设计、图书设计以及版画有着丰富的经验和兴趣。 Karolful 的插画作品包括,梦幻桌游 The Chronicles of Ollundra 的人设,丹麦作家 Rebecca Ross 的儿童书籍,等。令人开心的是,在 Karolful 致力于在奥尔堡 GALLERI KIRK 展览的同时,她加入了 Noo-Studio 和 TASTE Shop 的创意合作之中。

Introduction: Jun

Jun Taste Collaboration See A

Jun (Zhao), in 2002, graduated from the Art Institute of Jing De Zhen Ceramic Sculpture Department, after graduation, he began his career in the make-up artist, and often in collaboration with high-end fashion magazine, has a high reputation in this industry.

He used painting to express and vent his thoughts. His work is full of a lot of kinds of repetitive geometric shapes, such as dense circle, radial lines, consisting of dizzying abstract picture. In fact, these images and lines of his monologue with the portrayal of the current mood, and those rich but straightforward code word meaning horse, flowers and other symbols, he embodies the best of both subtle and Pioneer contradictory character. “My painting is no color, the most authentic record of the nature of my current mood of restlessness. Dark, morbid, death is a summary of many of my friends.” – Zhao Jun

Jun Taste Collaboration See C

介绍:  Jun
Jun Taste Collaboration See D
Jun(赵军),2002 年毕业于江西景德镇陶瓷艺术学院雕塑系,毕业后以化妆师为生,并时常与高端时尚杂志合作,在时尚圈拥有着极高的口碑。绘画则是他表达内心的最好出口,也是他与外界沟通的出口。他的作品种大量充斥着重复的几何图形,如密集的圆圈,放射状的线条,组成令人眩晕的抽象画面,其实是他当下内心情绪的独白与写照,而那些富有暗语意味却又直白的马,花朵等符号,则是他既含蓄又先锋的矛盾性格的最好体现。 “我的画是没有颜色的,最本质真实的记录着我当下的躁动情绪。黑暗,病态,死亡是很多朋友对我的概括。” ― 赵军 Jun