hear |hɪə| verb

1 [ with obj. ] perceive with the ear the sound made by (someone or something):

  • listen or pay attention to.

2 be told or informed of:

  • [ no obj. ] (have heard of) be aware of; know of the existence of.


The Sense of Hear connects people with space in most natural way. By use of sound, music, and the rhythm it is creating the feelings and brings back the memories.


Introduction: SIG


Born in Qingdao, based in Shanghai. China undercurrent representatives of electronic music. After graduating from high school formed his first band as a drummer, electronic music began in 2003, with collage-based, random melodies capture forbear music, extensive use of sampling and LOOPs, constantly stuffing. Emphasise paranoid beats and mysterious atmosphere, and details of spirituality.

SIG’s music is wet and contradictor,Deep and wide. Expression of SM winding and complex metaphor of great accuracy, so his work is full of suspense, rich texture. His music is an agile hunter  miracles and occasional capture sound symbol next second space may occur at any time. He is also a hedge, struggling in the changing mood, the crushing sounds, memories, or a quiet night in the most secret place. His magic will you use this infection, and thus control. The face of a strong magnetic field of inner self, the language in his music seems superfluous and pale, cold and raging in the Kingdom of electronic music, he has his own forest and mountains.

After Switzerland USA UK label releases a few singles, in April 2011 in Pause: music released his first three albums produced Zhang [sad mirror]. Then his album tracks appeared in the world’s major television and radio stations such as the National Television Music GLOBAL HIT. His repertoire also put many of their DJ DJ Set , as Japan’s DJ crush.

In addition to the production of identity, SIG also like as a DJ and dance music we enjoy feeling good together , SIG said: I am looking for good music in the world, as an oriental DJ, I used to express Oriental Mix. His fusion of music from different countries, the integration of Techno, Rock, Dub, Ambient and other different styles of music, SIG ‘s DJ Set and his music is as deep and wide.

He also makes music for television, and advertising and fashion shows.

介绍:  SIG

出生于青島,现居上海。中國暗流電音的代表人物。高中毕业后组建了自己的第一支乐队担任鼓手,03 年开始电子音乐创作,以拼贴为主,在随机的音乐中捕捉隐忍的旋律,大量使用采样和 LOOP,不断的堆砌。强调偏执的节拍,神秘的氛围,和灵性的细节。

SIG 的音乐是潮湿而矛盾的,深邃而宽广的。SM 情结的丝丝入扣的缠绕和暗喻的表达,使他的作品充满悬念,富有质感。音乐里的他是一个敏捷的猎手,捕捉声音符号 空间里下一秒随时可能发生的奇迹和偶遇。他同时也是一只困兽,挣扎在变幻的情绪里,击碎声音,回忆,或者夜幕里最隐秘处的宁静。他用这样的魔力将你感染, 进而控制。面对自我内心的强大磁场,语言在他的音乐里显得多余而苍白,在冰冷而汹涌的电音王国里,他有属于自己的森林和山脉。

在瑞士美国英国厂牌发行了几首单曲之后,2011 年 4 月在 Pause:music 發行了個人的第一張制作了三年的專輯 [悲傷的鏡]。随后他的专辑中的曲目出现在了世界的各大电视台以及音乐电台如美国国家电视台 GLOBAL HIT‏. 他的曲目也被许多 DJ 放入了他们的 Set 中,如日本的 DJ krush。

除了制作人身份外,SIG 也喜欢作为 DJ 和大家一起享受好的音乐舞蹈的感觉,SIG 说:我寻找和播放世界上的好的音乐,作为一个东方的 DJ,我用东方式的 Mix 来表达。他将融合不同国家的音乐,融合 Techno,Rock,Dub,Ambient 等不同风格的音乐,SIG 的 DJ Set 和他的音乐一样是深邃和宽广的。


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