Then Brain and idea meet craft – we start to notice the Magic of the world.

We try to find types of connections, that exist in the space and are hard to recognize. Artists & Designers tend to choose the most simple human skills to express the origin of creation. Those roots of creativity, expressed by materials and crafts, is what inspires mens’ desire, spirit and personality, stimulate brainwaves. This unique language creates a visual link between the customer and the creator.

Through mutual understanding & dialogue “TASTE” tries to define and create a space to allow more people to experience the brand point of view. “The creation, connection, communication” as a the main title reflects the need to bring people closer to the roots of creative mind.

We are constantly looking for new scents.

Learning through the process, we are looking for passionate creators with whom we can collaborate. The sense of uniqueness and individuality through personality and skills is reflected in brand, handmade items and flavours. Feel free to contact us for further information via e-mail:



We create a taste experience by collaborating with the brands, that creates their own language. The latest collaboration regarding the Sense of TASTE you can see here. Collaborations with Chocolatiers, Sweet Makers & Stores brings up the experience of the shop creating unique environment to experience beauty.


Music inspires Us since a long time. It creates mood, atmosphere and experience. The Sense of Hear is an important part of the TASTE. Within the Space of Music, we connect it with visuals and create a creative environment that is inspiring & brings back the memories.


We love textures, patterns & touch. In the Sense of Touch we found the space to memorise the moments, that are important to Us. Touch is an individual language that everybody communicates with. The space created & experienced by touch makes the space yours, its unique & strong reflecting the personality of a person.


The Sense of Sight connects people with space in most natural way. It creates the surrounding, by means of proportions, colours, details, connections between elements we are able to create stories, tell the history, speak in our own visual language. Display in the TASTE reflects the individual taste of collaborators and creates a visual poems.


Everybody remembers the Smell of home. It instantly brings back the memory and pictures. The Sense of Smell is a powerful tool, that brings back the Visuals, processed and stored in a brain of a person, transformed & combined with a certain moments in life. So strongly connected with the emotions and visual, we use this sense to create experiences.